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Developing a News Story using MediaCentral | Reporter and MediaCentral | Collaborate

Break stories when they happen, wherever they happen

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Create and work on stories from anywhere—access assignments, research tools, media, graphics, rundowns, and scripts using MediaCentral on a laptop or mobile device, using MediaCentral | Reporter.
Quickly create and deliver fully edited pieces from the field with Media Composer | Cloud Remote.

Gain maximum newsroom efficiency

Enable high-efficiency media access, collaboration, and security—on premises and in the cloud—with Avid NEXIS.
Break news first with MediaCentral for News, which offers complete workflow and media management from anywhere, using any device.
Quickly ingest content and even edit media while capturing it with FastServe or MediaCentral | Stream, enabling near-instant turnaround of breaking stories.
Log assets quickly and with more meaningful details with the Log app in MediaCentral, enabling better search.
Perform quick edits with MediaCentral or get full editing tools to create compelling news packages with Media Composer | Ultimate or Media Composer | Enterprise.
Accelerate story creation with the ability to share, search, and drag and drop data-driven Maestro graphics and templates directly into the MediaCentral timeline.

Bring your broadcast to life

Design and deliver stunning graphics that explain, enhance, and enliven your content with Maestro—from simple lower thirds and tickers, to data-driven 3D graphics.

Play out and interact with a variety of graphics and video across multiple studio displays, video walls, and screens with Maestro graphics.

Elevate the look and feel of your broadcast with Maestro | Virtual Set and Maestro | AR, providing everything you need to create photorealistic 3D virtual studios and objects.

Deliver stories and engage viewers on every platform

Turn around content and get breaking news to air instantly with FastServe | Playout, which consolidates video, image, and graphics playout.
Break stories first across multiple digital platforms and monetize content with MediaCentral | Publisher.
See what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and integrate user-generated content into your stories using MediaCentral with x.news.

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