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True remote journalism—edit and deliver content from in the field

Create, manage, and deliver media and finished stories to the newsroom with just your mobile device and an Internet connection. From capturing video, editing multitrack sequences, and adding effects and graphics, to exporting media to your homebase, MediaCentral | Reporter, an app for MediaCentral, enables journalists to truly work remotely without any special gear.


Work from anywhere
MediaCentral - Reporter in the field No one can predict when or where breaking news will happen. But when it does, MediaCentral | Reporter enables journalists to be fully prepared to cover any story from anywhere using just their mobile device. Quickly create and share content right from where the action is happening. And if no mobile network is available, you can work offline and deliver later.

Shape and collaborate on stories
MediaCentral - Reporter Collaboration From shooting footage and editing video, to adding transitions and recording voiceovers, everything you need to create and shape the story is at your fingertips. You can also collaborate with other team members in the field, enabling everyone using the MediaCentral | Reporter app to search for and share projects and media with each other.

Create fully polished content
MediaCentral - Reporter with Content With an array of simple effects and overlays built into the interface, you can turn around fully finished stories quickly. Adjust brightness, saturation, opacity, gain levels, and panning across multiple video and audio tracks. Mirror, resize, and rotate clips. Add static and animated logos, graphics, lower thirds, and outros. And selectively pixelate sensitive content by keyframe.

Extend your reach while cutting costs
MediaCentral Reporter GUI MediaCentral | Reporter not only eliminates the need for expensive field cameras and additional resources to cover a story, cutting costs, it cuts the time it takes to turn around finished content too. Once finished, content can be sent and made immediately available in MediaCentral, as well as sent directly to social media and shared storage platforms.