Story-Centric Workflow

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Streamline production while extending your presence everywhere

Just a few short years ago, viewers relied solely on their televisions to get breaking news. Today, they seek information from social media, mobile apps, websites, and other multimedia platforms. And oftentimes they use second screens while watching TV. This shift is pressuring newsrooms to extend their reach across a multitude of diverse channels and devices to stay relevant. But the competition for viewers is fierce. So are the new production requirements.

Our story-centric workflow builds on the openness and integration of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, empowering you and your news teams with the efficiency, media access, remote collaboration, and multiplatform engagement you need to deliver multiple angles of a story to more people faster—no matter where or how they get their information. Without having to change your newsroom tools or infrastructure.



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What is the story-centric workflow?

  • It all starts with the story
  • One interface, infinite possibilities
  • Change your strategy—not your tools
  • Extend your reach with the next-generation newsroom
  • With our comprehensive new story-centric workflow, the story is now the center of all planning and delivery. From assignments and gathering info from multiple sources—including newswires and social media—to content sharing, remote production, and multiplatform delivery. Everything is tied to the story to bridge and expedite all workflows. Inside and outside the newsroom.

  • Get access and contribute to any story from a single web-based interface on your computer or mobile device. Whether you’re tasked with assigning stories, writing scripts, gathering content, monitoring social media feeds, editing footage, reviewing packages, or delivering content—on air, online, or on mobile devices—everything you need is all within easy reach.

  • Traditional rundowns can limit how quickly your newsroom reacts to sudden news developments. But with our story-centric workflow, you gain the efficiency you need to break and manage multimedia-rich stories across multiple platforms. On both traditional and new screens—24/7—so you can reach a wider audience. If you’re on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, simply update MediaCentral | UX and you’re ready to go.

  • With the story-centric workflow, news teams are now empowered with greater capabilities to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content to a wider range of viewers—faster and in more ways than ever. As soon as a story breaks. And continues to unfold. Across different media platforms. This is the foundation of the next-generation newsroom.