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Workflow-optimized tiered storage for real-time media production

Avid NEXIS is the media industry’s most comprehensive and reliable shared storage solution, offering efficient, scalable storage tiering on premises and in the cloud. Optimized to accelerate media workflows, it enables teams to collaborate faster and achieve better efficiency and security across flash, online, nearline, and archive storage. It’s the storage solution the industry relies on to help them adapt to the changing needs and unpredictability of today’s media production.

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Reliable and high performing shared storage

Product Highlights

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  • Avoid production disruption and achieve maximum uptime
  • Balance costs and performance with scalable tiered storage
  • Accelerate production with workflow-optimized performance
  • Protect your ass(ets)
  • From the largest broadcasters and media enterprises, to post-production facilities big and small, industry professionals trust Avid NEXIS to power their critical media workflows. That’s because it delivers the proven reliability you need to optimize the entire lifecycle of your content at every stage—from ingest, editing, and finishing, to project parking, backup, repurposing, and archive.

  • Empower teams with faster, more efficient access to your entire library of assets, whether housed in online, offline, nearline, or archive storage tiers—on premises or in the cloud. With its modular, scale-out design, you can scale Avid NEXIS to meet the needs of any size team, project, and workflow, lowering operational costs and complexity. Cost-effectively scale capacity and bandwidth to more than you will ever need—without disruption or downtime.

  • Avid NEXIS delivers powerful performance and the best user experience for today’s complex media workflows across a wide range of Avid and third-party applications, services, and systems. Quickly scale and optimize performance to meet the fluctuating demands of any project with your media applications of choice. 

  • Media creators live and breathe by the content they create. Avid NEXIS provides the bulletproof security and fail-safe protection you need to keep your media and workflows safe. From single- and dual-disk protection, automatic drive rebuild, and media mirroring, to high availability options and the ability to set user permissions down to the folder level, you can create and collaborate with confidence.