Avid Media Access Plug-ins

Avid Media Access is a revolutionary plug-in architecture that greatly accelerates your file-based video workflows. With it, you can simply connect a supported manufacturer's media card, disk, or device and begin viewing and cutting footage right away. No need to transcode media or use other software to view the extra clips. Download the plug-ins you need for your workflow here...

AMA plug-ins

  • AVCHD plug-in
  • Canon plug-in
  • Drastic MediaReactor Lite plug-in
  • Glue Tools plug-in*
  • MXF OP1a plug-in
  • Panasonic P2 plug-in
  • QuickTime plug-in
  • RED plug-ins
  • Sony XDCAM/HDCAM plug-ins
  • musiD AMA
  • Calibrated AVC-Intra Create*
  • Calibrated AVC-LG Create*
  • Calibrated MPEG2-X Create*
  • EVS AMA plug-in*

*Not supported for Media Composer | First