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Avid Everywhere is our vision to address the key needs of the media industry, and our commitment to bringing the community easier and more efficient ways of working, including in the cloud. Now the transformation is complete and we have delivered on our vision with the fully-redesigned MediaCentral—the industry’s most comprehensive platform for media workflow.

For a team of two, an organization of hundreds, and everything in between, MediaCentral easily scales from the simplest to the most sophisticated workflows for post production, news, sports, and asset management. By streamlining the entire workflow, you can create better content faster, deliver to more outlets and devices, and maximize the value of your media.

With MediaCentral and our industry-leading workflow solutions in the cloud, everyone across the media and entertainment industry—from individual artists and creative teams, to the world’s largest media enterprises—can create, manage, distribute, and monetize content more efficiently and profitably. From anywhere—using practically any device. All from a single common platform. This is Avid Everywhere.

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For individual artists

  • Create inspiring content and tell better stories
  • Connect with other artists and studios on the platform
  • Collaborate with others to complete projects faster
  • Connect to facilities for remote opportunities
  • Access the best tools as needed for projects
  • Promote your skills and experience to potential clients

For creative teams

  • Unite dispersed teams to complete projects faster
  • Reach a broader set of clients and prospects
  • Expand your range of services and offerings
  • Increase client wallet share 
  • Promote your brand to potential clients
  • Leverage the best talent, wherever they are
  • Create higher quality, more inspiring content

For media enterprises

  • Scale cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure on demand 
  • Connect and mobilize teams globally
  • Share resources across multiple locations
  • Share content across teams for better efficiency
  • Facilitate content distribution to web, OTT, and social media
  • Reduce or outsource on-premises costs
  • Maintain or increase security

MediaCentral in the cloud—flexibility to work the way you want

MediaCentral’s cloud-based services and technologies fall into four main categories:

  • Hosted applications—With cloud-hosted Avid applications, you can quickly, easily, and more economically deploy, access, and re-provision software (both thick and thin clients) as needed, from anywhere
  • Cloud media services—With a shared pool of virtualized media services, you gain platform-wide access to new tools and functionality, and can dynamically scale resources to your production needs
  • Infrastructure on demand—Scale your infrastructure, add capabilities, and optimize your storage capacity, computing power, and bandwidth across your enterprise, whether on-premises, in your private data center, in the public cloud, or a hybrid environment
  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX—Connect geographically dispersed teams together and enable anyone, anywhere, to search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content on the platform from a single unified interface that provides a sleeker, faster, and more responsive user experience

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Making the move to the cloud

Avid Everywhere is all about choice. How, when, and to what extent you transition your media production to the cloud is entirely up to you. You can move all your workflows to the cloud all at once, a bit at a time, or stay completely grounded. Deploy your cloud your way—on-premises, in a private data center, in a public cloud, or mix and match any combination in a hybrid environment. The choice is yours.

A hybrid cloud environment gives you the most flexibility and cost control, as you decide which applications and assets to migrate to the cloud and where. With this approach, you can offer on-premises and cloud access to desktop applications and thin clients, enabling teams to connect and collaborate from anywhere, using any device.

Our flexible enterprise licensing plans give you economies of scale by aggregating spend across departments and sites. Plus, new automated enterprise software deployment makes installation “push button” easy, enabling you to update, configure, and optimize complex environments in mere minutes.

See more reasons to move to the cloud

Microsoft Azure—the preferred cloud-hosting platform

To make your journey to the cloud as easy as possible, we’ve chosen Microsoft Azure as our preferred cloud-hosting platform. With this alliance, we are cooperatively designing cloud-based solutions and services, leading to new media workflows, new operational capabilities, and new business opportunities for the media and entertainment industry.

With Microsoft Azure as your cloud host, you can leverage the openness, global scale, high-level services, and unique hybrid cloud strategy the platform offers. Plus, Azure protects your media and workflows like no other, with a focus on security, privacy, compliancy, and transparency. And it’s all made possible by our flexible approach to licensing, deployment, and commercial options.

While we are exclusively offering cloud hosting through Microsoft Azure, our commitment to openness continues. That means you can select Azure as your cloud host or choose your own preferred cloud-hosting provider to make your journey.

Learn more about our alliance with Microsoft


The industry’s best tools—accessible everywhere

Avid Everywhere is about openness. Bridging and integrating workflows. Helping individuals, creative teams, and media enterprises work smarter, faster, and more easily. And now that you’ll be able to access the industry’s best tools and workflow solutions in the cloud, the possibilities are endless. Not just our tools and services, but those from our Alliance Partners too. In fact, some are already leveraging the cloud to bridge workflows, including x.news, make.tv, Burst, and latakoo.

You can too.

Join us

The media and entertainment industry relies on Avid. Our commitment to innovation and solving the challenges you and other media professionals face will never rest. We’ve cleared your path to the cloud and are ready to help you on your journey. We invite you to join us.

Media Industry Relies on Avid
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Break stories as they happen

For broadcasters, being able to break news as the story unfolds is critical. Here’s how Avid Everywhere gives you the competitive edge…

News Production Solutions
Your field reporter accesses assignments, rundowns, and stories on her iPhone.
She heads to the story location and uses her iPhone to capture footage and create a story in iNEWS.
News Room

Connect your team to accelerate news production

At the station, in the field, and at sister stations, footage and news scripts from the field reporter are immediately accessible. No matter where they are, our solutions enable reporters and news teams to collaborate using the same tools they rely on at the station.

News Production Solutions

Report stories across multiple platforms

Be first to deliver breaking news across social media and more. Your news producer can tweet about a plane crash, with images created from iPhone footage, post footage on Facebook, and prepare the story for broadcast by creating graphics with Maestro. At the same time, your web producer can post the story online, leveraging multiple sources.

Multi-Platform Content Delivery
Media Composer

Increase productivity through remote collaboration

No need to send footage to the station for production. Your field crew and reporter can shoot footage at the scene, do a live shot using an iPad as a prompter, and edit captured footage—and media accessed remotely from the station—to create complete packages for upcoming segments.

Media Composer | NewsCutter Option Media Composer | Cloud Remote
News reporter
News reporter using a tablet
News reporter interviewing a man
News story
News lower third

Captivate audiences with engaging on-air content

Make your broadcasts as compelling as the stories you tell. Our Studio, Media, and Storage Suites provide the graphics creation, security, interactive tools, visual enhancement, social media, and video playout solutions you need to engage viewers and keep them tuned in and informed.

Sibelius User Drummer Guitarist Engineer World

Music Creation—Create. Collaborate. Be heard.

Avid Everywhere for Audio brings musicians and composers around the world together, enabling easy collaboration using industry-standard tools for writing, recording, editing, and mixing music.

Mixing Board

Audio Post—Create incredible soundtracks, from beginning to end

Streamline and accelerate sound production for movies, TV shows, and video with completely integrated audio and video workflows. From ADR, Foley, sound design, and editing, to scoring and completing the final mix, Avid has you covered.

Audio Post Solutions
Recording Engineer

Audio Mixing—Accelerate production with powerful solutions

Music and soundtrack sessions are growing more complex, requiring critical management of track counts and deliverables. That's why professionals turn to Avid Pro Mixing. Our flexible control surfaces feature EUCON technology, giving teams unrivaled hands-on control of multiple DAWs to turn around projects faster.

Pro Tools | S6 Pro Tools | S3
Instantly recall any part of a mix
Automate every parameter, from audio plug-ins to volume
Take control of Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo and more
Live Music Sound Engineer

Live Sound—Record and mix the biggest shows

To succeed in live sound today, content creation is more important than ever. From capturing daily rehearsals, to recording, distributing, selling, and archiving live performances for future release, our VENUE systems provide the most powerful and integrated live recording and playback capabilities in the industry with Pro Tools.


Creating a stunning commercial for a 5–star automaker

Commercials these days are often shot in one location, edited in another, scored at a different facility, and reviewed/approved across multiple offices. Here's how Avid Everywhere can streamline and accelerate your production...

Austin, TX
Video Shoot
London, England
Creative Agency
Video Editing
Lima, Peru
Data Servers
Sydney, Australia

Shoot, edit, and produce across continents and timezones

Connect and collaborate with the best talent around the world. No matter where they are. With integrated solutions that empower real–time remote workflows, you can save both time and money.

Video Post Production Solutions
Shared Storage

Power production through collaboration

Avid’s industry-leading shared storage solutions are used in the world's most demanding media environments. When zero downtime and maximum performance are a requirement—not a wish—our technology and systems empower your video, VFX, and audio teams to share assets and projects. No matter where they are.

Storage Solutions

Keep production moving with uninterrupted access

When relying on multiple teams to log, edit, review, and deliver different facets of your commercial, streamlining the process is important. Our solutions provide the integration and remote workflows you need to keep your project and teams in sync.

MediaCentral | UX Media Composer | Cloud Remote
Bruce 9:42pm
Looks great. Can we trim the transition @ 00:05:15 by 2 seconds?
John 9:42pm
No problem. One sec...
Media Composer

Create at the highest quality—without limits

Achieving high production values is the goal of any media company. That's why our solutions feature Avid Resolution Independence, giving you the freedom to shoot at ultra-high resolution—up to 8K—and then edit and deliver at the same resolution—or any custom resolution below it.

Resolution Independence
Media Composer

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